Los efectos de la televisión en los niños

The resources attached to this post are for an AS Spanish group. We are looking at the topic of the media + in this post I am focusing on the impact of TV on children. The overall aim is to get the students to give opinions using a variety of different phrases and also using some of the arguments that they will have picked up from the reading and listening activities. One thing that probably needs some explaining is the “opinions card activity”. This has to be printed out on card + back to back English / Spanish. The students then work in pairs. One tests the other first showing the Spanish + the partner gives the English + once they have got to grips with the meaning of all of the phrases they do it from English to Spanish. It normally works quite well. Another thing is that the question “¿Crees que la televisión influye en el comportamiento de los niños?” appears on two slides. The idea is that the first time they do it they will probably struggle to do it well. By time you get to the second appearance of the question they will be able to give a more interesting response. Those of us teaching in England know of the need to demonstrate progress!!!!

POWERPOINT:http://www.slideshare.net/njones40/la-tele-15512841 OTHER RESOURCESLos Niños Pequeños Ven la Televisión de Manera Diferente READING   Afecta ver TV violenta a los niños WORKSHEET   opinions card activity VOCAB   opinions CRUCIGRAMA   TRANSCRIPCION Afecta ver TV violenta a los niños

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