Los peligros del sol

peligrosWhile the snow was falling outside I was putting together some resources about the dangers of the sun. The resources are for my AS Spanish group within the topic of heath. Those of you that teach the EdExcel syllabus will know that cancer is one of the health issues explicitly mentioned. I think that everything is self-explanatory + as usual the videos were embedded but you will probably have to download them from the links below + re-attach them. The “Fundación Nariz Roja” items relate to a Mexican cancer charity.

POWERPOINT: http://www.slideshare.net/njones40/los-peligros-del-sol-powerpoint   WORKSHEETS: cancer de piel READING READING La fundación Nariz Roja invita a donar sangre para salvar vidas READING las donaciones de sangre WORKSHEET

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