Las aspiraciones de los adolescentes

la adolescenciaA couple of years ago one of the discursive essay titles in the A2 examination (EdExcel board) was “Los futbolistas y los grupos de música pop que ganan muchísimo dinero no son buenos modelos para la juventud.” ¿Estás de acuerdo o no? Justifica tus opiniones. I have taken this as the theme for a lesson which hopefully builds towards the students being prepared to write their own response to the title as part of their homework. The main body of the lesson discusses the outcomes of a report carried out in Spain into the aspirations of young people today and I also look at the various ways of saying “to become” in Spanish. Below I have posted the resources as well as two videos where students are asked ¿A quién admiras? I only use the first one in the lesson. A translation exercise is included at the end of the PowerPoint as this is something we have to do in the exam – the students always benefit from the practice!

POWERPOINT: los adolescentes de hoy

RESOURCES: El alcance del éxito rápido sin mayor esfuerzo READING    GRAMMAR vebs with become in the meaning    to become   READING Quién es tu modelo a seguir en la vida y por qué

One thought on “Las aspiraciones de los adolescentes

  1. Excellent resource. Just like the rest of the resources you kindly share with us. I am so grateful to you, Neil. Thanks ever so much for your great work and your generosity.My pupils really enjoy your resources and you have saved me a lot of time .

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