Multa de hasta 1.500 euros a quien no recoja los excrementos de su perro

kkThe resources here are linked to the previous post about la inseguridad ciudadana. I have decided to start the unit by discussing what crime is (civil v. criminal law) which will eventually lead to looking at the death penalty and what crimes can lead to this in different parts of the world. Is not picking up what your dog has left behind a crime? This is what I will be asking the students. The headline of the news item (a quien no recoja …) also leads to us to the use of the subjunctive after indefinite antecedents.

NOTE: On slide 3 you get the students to memorise the vocabulary. Press the space bar / click to activiate the countdown bar at the top. After the 1 minute is up click again + the vocab is covered and the students have to write it all down. Click again + the students are asked to watch the video and come up with a summary.


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