Idiomas – ¿asignatura pendiente?

laboral28.jpgThe resources here are to support discussion about whether learning a language is important. This topic has come up a few times as a discursive essay title in the A level examination. I have taken the essay title “En tu opinión, ¿cuáles son las mejores formas de enseñar y aprender una lengua   extranjera? Da razones” as my lead in preparing these resources. I would also like to thank R. Bravo of the The Bishop’s Stortford High School for sharing resources which will be of use to anyone else dealing with the issue of discursive essay preparation. The resources below all link to the PowerPoint.

POWERPOINT: LENGUA WORKSHEETS: spanish in the USA las lenguas en la enseñanza Expressions that are ALWAYS followed by the subjunctive Prose translation with sayings PROVERBS AND SAYINGS matching activity READING idiomas asignatura pendiente  Refranes españoles

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