La influencia árabe sobre la lengua española

IMG_4147The title of the post may well be misleading as the main thrust of the resources here is to teach about festivals. As most of the students I teach are muslim, I have included references to the influence of the Moors on Spain and the development of its language. In building up the language needed to talk about a festival celebtrated at home e.g. Eid I have also pointed out other festivals such as the Day of the Dead, Nochevieja and others. In an earlier post I have developed Spanish festivals at a higher level. As regards the title of the post, in building up to presenting the language needed to talk about Eid and other  festivals I have pointed out some of the words in Spanish that come from Arabic.

VIDEOS: As usual you may need to download the videos from below or embed them within the PowerPoint. I have added subtitles to most of the Day of the Dead video to aid comprehension + the call to prayer video which I recorded on my phone in Córdoba is just for cultural background as is the Nochevieja countdown with the disappearing grapes!

POWERPOINT: una fiesta en casa WORKSHEETLas Fiestas wordsearch Las fiestas  Cuál es la fiesta más popular en España

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