¿Un servicio social obligatorio para todos los jóvenes?

Gobierno de ChileSi el gobierno decidiera introducir un servicio social obligatorio para todos los jóvenes, ¿estarías de acuerdo? ¿Por qué (no)? [240-270 palabras]. This is another discursive essay title I am looking at with my A level Spanish group. I am doing it by looking initially at military service and then the concept of community service. Overall the theme is that of young people and delincuency. The video from Chile is just to point out that military service still exists in many countries while the report from Austria shows how this is changing. Thanks again to R. Bravo of the The Bishop’s Stortford High School for sharing resources which will be of use to those dealing with discursive essay preparation. I have used their essay plan at the end of the PowerPoint.

POWERPOINT: www.slideshare.net/njones40/servicio-militar-o-social-presentation (not fond of using slideshare but the file is too big for this blog) RESOURCES: el servicio militar READING

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