La libertad de la prensa

WebAnother post relating to a discursive essay title. This time the essay title relates to the role of the press and as a starting point I have taken the controversy in Argentina over press control and influence. If you want to read about this try the following link. I introduce the Argentinian president and then show an advert about the role of the press as seen by  ADEPA – la Asociación de Entidades Periodísticas Argentinas. The listening activity comes from the fantastic Audio Lingua website.  For the direct link to the MP3 on “los diarios de Argentina” click here. This is followed by a reading taken from a website in San Salvador in which the students have to identify the role of a democratic press. After this I have listed some bullet point ideas before presenting the essay title -“Hay que controlar el poder, a veces destructivo, de la prensa.” ¿Estás de acuerdo? Justifica tu opinión.” This is followed by a different text which provides some ideas to support the development of the essay which is completed for homework.

PRESENTATION: prensa PRESENTATION  WORKSHEETS: La prensa española se queja de Shalira y Piqué OPINIONES READING Mejor prensa para una mejor democracia

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