El Norte y El Sur: Dos mundos de España

LOS ANTIGUOS REPORTES DEL CLIMA EN TVIn the resources attached my overall aim to to get students to predict what may be in a text and to then confirm or deny their guesses. Basically I find that they often make random guesses based on one word they see in a text and do not push themselves to understand at a deeper level. So, I in the PowerPoint revise the weather (we covered this earlier in the year) and then move towards making logical predictions about texts and then reading / listening for greater detail to confirm what they are thinking. I’ve covered a few areas from the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (just to point out that a festival held in the summer when you would expect hot, sunny weather in Spain does not always get it) to Mexico where issues like hurricanes are a reality. It all finishes with a listening exercise where they initially guess whether the phrase would apply to the north or the south of Spain and then listen to confirm their ideas + to identify the detail. Some can be predicted but others cannot.

POWERPOINT: www.slideshare.net/njones40/weather-higher-level-17327084   (too big a file to put on this blog, sorry! + updated 18/3/13) LISTENING En el norte en el sur  El tiempo en español CATEGORIES

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