Chile libre de tabaco – la nueva ley

SabíasNot much to say on this one apart from the focus is not on Spain but Chile and their new anti-smoking legislation. Hopefully the resources speak for themselves. There are three PowerPoints which start with the presentation of vocabulary followed by opinions and finally coverage of the subjunctive.

POWERPOINTS: EL TABACO 1 (files 2+3 too big for this blog so they have been uploaded to slideshare)  WORKSHEETS:  LISTENING el tabaco y la salud Los españoles cada vez fuman writing exercise TABACO subjunctive CARTOONS subjunctive

PS. Thanks to Paloma for her subjunctive help!

4 thoughts on “Chile libre de tabaco – la nueva ley

  1. I don’t teach A Level but IB and I find your resources incredibly useful. What I like the most is that the are culturally linked to the Spanish Speaking world. For the IB program they are prefect. Thanks again for sharing 🙂

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