La violencia – La guerra – El terrorismo

lazo-negroThe resources attached to this post deal with (directly or indirectly) the topic of violence – most specifically terrorism and war. This topic comes up quite often as a subject for the discursive essays in the A2 Spanish exam. The context I use is that of nationalism and whether this is an excuse for violence. These are tricky topics and I would like to point out that as someone who has lived in the Basque Country I know that there is much more to that part of the world than the issue of ETA and separatism. Nevertheless, this is all a part of recent Spanish history and worth pointing out esp. the positive example of Catalan nationalism. In the PowerPoint I spend some time talking about Yoyes who herself had much to say on these issues and the tragic outcome of her renouncement of Basque terrorism.

la guerra

POWERPOINT (too big a file for this blog) WORKSHEETS: COCHE BOMBA EN MADRID Dolores González Katarain YOYES PROSE independence movements EL EUSKERA BUSCA LA UNIFICACION

2 thoughts on “La violencia – La guerra – El terrorismo

  1. Buscando, como profesor, material para dar el tema de terrorismo me encuentro esta barbaridad. Qué tiene que ver el independentismo catalán con el terrorismo. Muy decepcionado la verdad….

    1. It has nothing to do with it. The PowerPoint does not link Catalan nationalism with terrorism. This is an example of positive, successful nationalism. However, I will look at making some changes to address this.

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