¿Aislamiento o integración?

independènciaThis post is a lesson I taught last week building up to the students writing an essay for their homework with the title (from a past paper) of “Aislamiento o integración: ¿Qué camino debe escoger un país moderno?”. I start the lesson raising awareness of the 17 autonomous communities of Spain and how there can be issues relating to identity in the various regions. I ask the students themselves whether they relate more to their country, origins, city, etc. This is a universal issue and generated some really interesting responses. Then we looked at pictures (slides 4-8) where I ask them to see if they can identify the issue. This is not evident and takes some support with me drawing attention to the lack of a Spanish flag on the balconies of some town halls. This leads to the so-called “guerra de las banderas” which is still very much an issue for many people. We did a reading comprehension on this and then we widened the debate to look at whether we identify ourselves as European or not. After watching a clip in which David Cameron talks about his party’s policy towards the EU (with support of the transcript) we discussed the essay title and what the various arguments are. I was pleased with how it went as the issues are complicated and sometimes the students haven’t really developed their views on these issues. Luckily for me they didn’t lack views on this one!

POWERPOINT:http://www.slideshare.net/njones40/aislamiento-o-integracion WORKSHEET: LEY DE BANDERAS

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