¡Ojalá estuviéramos ya de vacaciones!

lástimaHaving spent a lot of time teaching the subjunctive over the two years of the A level course, I have decided to bring everything together in one booklet which students can download for revision purposes. A fair amount of these exercises have been posted before, but now they are all together in one document. Hope it is of use to people + please excuse any typing errors in there. I always spot them months later.


7 thoughts on “¡Ojalá estuviéramos ya de vacaciones!

  1. Thanks for the compliment, I spend most of my time on the blog these days: mrpeto.wordpress.com… In fact I’m just finishing a blog post about a lesson on whales that I’m going to post either tomorrow or the next day.

    1. Looking forward to it. I love the fact that technology and blogging now means we can have this kind of exchange of ideas between teachers in different countries. Nevertheless, reality calls and I now have to head off to the first meeting of the day!

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  2. I’m the one who captioned the illustration that you chose (I found the illustration on the web too, so I’m not complaining… just happy that you liked it). Here is the link to the rest of my subjunctive activities (and more captioned illustrations), my online activities for the subjunctive are pretty extensive: http://mrpeto.com/2011grammar/subjunctive.html

    1. Thanks, Mr Peto. Your blog is great + I love the El Internado stuff. Thanks for sharing!!! Do you mind if I post a link to your blog?

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