Al mal tiempo buena cara

reirStress is the focus of the attached resources with some work on teaching the imperative. The PowerPoint starts with a text pointing out why levels of stress have increased in Spain. This is followed by a listening comprehension based on a Colombian video where stress is discussed. I then outline some of the main causes of stress and a novel way of dealing with it – la terapia destructiva. The reading task titled “El estrés y la ansiedad” is a point of entry into discussing the imperative in Spanish + you work through the sheet. Finally this all leads to a question from a part exam based on a “guerra de almohadas” in order to “liberar tensiones”.


Huge thanks to Irene Guzmán Huertas for your help with the reading text which ironically caused a lot of stress! Gracias.

POWERPOINT:  el estrés WORKSHEET: READING El estrés y la ansiedad

Although the resources posted above do not discuss alcohol, this is the next logical step looking at how people can turn to smoking, alcohol, drugs etc. to cope with stress. The video posted below is a nice introduction to the issue of alcohol and health in Spain.


WORKSHEETS: writing exercise ALCOHOL   Botellón

One thought on “Al mal tiempo buena cara

  1. Hello Neil, just want to thank you for such a useful subjunctive booklet for me to use with my 6th formers. I have lots of separate resources but this brings it altogether so nicely. You have saved me some late nights!

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