La música calma a las fieras

ZenttricThe resources posted here are on the topic of “la música” and build upon a resource I posted on here a year or two back. The aim is to look at the influence of music on mood and personality and to look at interrogatives along the way. Zenttric Sala el sol madridHaving introduced the idea that music preference could be linked to personality traits we look at question words in Spanish. Next comes some practice exercises including a picture (La Boca, Buenos Aires) where I use question words to try and get some ideas flowing about what the picture is of. We eventually get to the picture of the band Zenttric where we do a similar thing. A no thrills gap fill on the song “Quiero bailar” is followed by a text giving some background to the group. We then try and work out what kind of mood or emotion the song puts across before reading a text on the influence music has on us. The final task is taken from a past speaking examination to emphasise the relevance of the work covered in the lesson.

POWERPOINT: MUSICA  WORKSHEETS: La música que escuchamos dice mucho de nuestra personalidad Siete cosas que no sabías sobre los efectos de la música


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