Si eres legal, eres legal

CulturalegalThis post is an extension of the previous one and relates to the downloading of music and piracy. The PowerPoint starts with a few general questions relating to music. This is followed by an introduction to some key vocabulary and a bit of a test to see what they can remember. We then look at legal forms of downloading (Spotify, etc). The listening task on Spotify is based on a podcast from the excellent SSL4YOU website which is a constant source of great ideas. We then go on to look at the illegal side of downloading music and opinions. This all leads to a task taken from a past AS Spanish speaking exam where downloading is discussed. The final task is a reading and writing one which could be a homework. Hope this is of some use to someone!

THANKS to Irene for your help, as usual + if you need a Spanish tutor in the London area look no further – TUTOR WEBSITE !

POWERPOINT:  La piratería  WORKSHEETSSpotify es la solución    READING El Código Penal y las descargas


2 thoughts on “Si eres legal, eres legal

  1. Dear Neil you lessons are an inspiration as well as wonderful way of teaching thanks. Is there any way I could get the links to your lesson si eres legal eres legal, when I go to slide share I just can download the PDF and it does not let me see where the listening resources are. Thanks for your help.

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