El Guernica

img_0889As our Year 12 return we are about to start work on a unit about the Spanish Civil War. This is all in preparation to study the film ¡Ay, Carmela! which we start in September. As part of this I am doing a lesson on Picasso and el Guernica. We start by learning a bit about the artist himself before looking at the story behind the painting. After an analysis of the work we go on to look at el Guernica as a symbol of peace + the story of its place at the United Nations. [As the PowerPoint is too large I have uploaded it to slideshare.net– it was even too big for that, so I have had to break it up into 3]

PicassoPOWERPOINTEl Guernica PPT 1   PPT2 El Guernica  PPT 3 el Guernica  WORKSHEETS: EL GUERNICA AL DESCUBIERTO   EL GUERNICA el cuadro y su historia   READING el genio de Picasso

2 thoughts on “El Guernica

  1. Thank you very much for these amazing resources. You are so generous to share them with all of us. I think they are brilliant.

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