El abecedario

manolito-gafotas-9788432214233I’m teaching the alphabet to my Year 7 group soon. Attached is the PowerPoint I am going to use. In an attempt to add a bit of culture into the mix (this was a challenge!), I’ve added in an exercise to test the sight of my students which I’ve linked to Manolito Gafotas  imagining that he will have taken such a test at some point. I know this is a tenuous link, but …. Further into the PPT I’ve used the programme Cifras y Letras. The aim is for students to listen + note down the letters chosen and when the word is revealed they look this up in the dictionary. This should help to reinforce the dictionary skills work carried out in earlier slides.

POWERPOINT: ABECEDARIO   WORKSHEET: Alphabet pronunciation sheet

2 thoughts on “El abecedario

  1. I love the cultural link to manolito gafotas introducing himself in the video which links to the previous lessons. Also, the cifras and letras show. Thanks for sharing it!

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