Los números

P1000138In a previous post I shared resources on teaching the alphabet to a Year 7 (beginners) group. This was to deal with them spelling their names – ¿Cómo se escribe ….? Now we are moving on to talking about age and as such we need to know some numbers. In order to get some cultural reference in I have added in an activity where the class hears football results for Spanish teams as well as an activity where they have to read out the number plates for vehicles across the Spanish-speaking world. This, of course, helps to revise the alphabet covered in an earlier lesson + also draws attention to the many countries in which Spanish is spoken. It’s always worth a reminder!

[Slide 37 there is a video – click on the picture + you should be able to play it. The following slides (38-46) are to be used with mini-whiteboards. The students have to write down the number before the mouse gets into the hole.]

Also, thanks to the comments from Katherine De Lima. If you have not yet seen her blog YOU MUST! There are some great ideas on there – http://quecheveredelima.wordpress.com/ . I’m loving the Pico y Placa idea for teaching numbers and the alphabet.

POWERPOINT: NUMBERS 1-13 + AGE WORKSHEETS: Los resultados de partidos de fútbol numbers 1-13 CROSSWORD PLENARY putting the ages in order WORKSHEET tengo cuatro años

7 thoughts on “Los números

  1. would you be able to post a link to the football scores video? I can’t seem to access it on the powerpoint. Muchas gracias.

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