¿Dónde está Messi?

Barcelona12-132The resources here are linked to teaching prepositions of place (near, far, next to, etc.). There is at least two lessons’ worth of material here – we’ll see how it goes! The only cultural aspects I’ve managed to get in are an attempt to work out where Barcelona FC players are in relation to one another in a photo as a starter activity + there is a worksheet on the Seville zoo. I used the latter in my lesson as an extension activity rather than homework in the end + it worked better than I expected.

POWERPOINT: Prepositions of place  WORKSHEETS: Dónde está Terence Dónde están los animales en el parque zoológico de Sevilla Dónde exactamente XWORD El Barça STARTER HIGHER reading&writing and listening L5 prepositions READING Prepositions practice to accompany Av.de las flores slide READING Dónde está exactamente ws READING Las prepositions WORKSHEET Reading&writing

Thanks to Steve Ward for the majority of the work here.

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