Vocabulary at A level

vocabularioLearning vocabulary at A level can seem an endless. The lists are not always as coherent as at GCSE and can cover language which the students sometimes find random. When setting learning homeworks I do sometimes prefer to do this with a reading comprehension in mind and rather than test them from 1-10 on the list they have learnt, I give them a reading task in which all of the learnt vocabulary appears. I like doing this with past paper tasks. Attached is an example relating to the topic of youth interests and music. The text discusses the phenomenon of talents shows such as the X Factor. If they have learnt the vocabulary well, they should find the reading task straight forward thus illustrating the point I keep on trying to drive home that vocabulary learning is essential to success in the Unit 1 paper at AS Spanish i.e. listening and reading.

The reading task is adapted from a article that appear in the Ecuadorian newspaper El Telégrafo.

WORKSHEET: READING Talentos cazatalentos VOCABULARIO[the list the students learn for homework] READING Talentos cazatalentos [the reading task students do to test they have learnt the vocabulary]

One thought on “Vocabulary at A level

  1. A really good idea. I find it increasingly difficult to get students to learn vocabulary from lists and have never been convinced that they remember it for long!

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