¿Qué hora es? – El tiempo pasa volando

la horaThe resources attached to this post are linked to teaching the time in Spanish to beginners. In slides 22 + 59 there are links to some great websites where you can get some interactive practice taking place. In the PowerPoint I have also taken a look at the teaching of the 24 hour clock and I have also added in some cultural elements such as Nochevieja in Madrid. On slides 67-78 students come to the board + write on the times on the clock face of the Reloj de la Puerta del Sol (Interactive Whiteboard required). There is also reference made to Spanish TV stations in order to add some practice of the 24 hour clock.


[You can get a free worksheet on time from the Mary Glasgow website if you click HERE]

4 responses to “¿Qué hora es? – El tiempo pasa volando

  1. Oh yes! It’s excellent stuff 🙂 ¡Muchas gracias! I have myself created a blog to share some things I’ve done. Your blog inspired me a lot! I’m only an nqt at the moment and my blog is just a “bebé blog” but I hope it will be useful for some people 🙂 xxxxx merciii Neil!

  2. Hola Neil, Just a quick thank you message 🙂 I have used some of your resources in my classes and they are great! I love the Barça’s preposition activity!! Thank you so much for sharing your resources.

    • Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. I’m never too sure whether people use what I put on here so the feedback spurs me on to keep sharing.

  3. Great design! If you want, we also have some vocabulary about time and hours here: http://es.maryglasgowplus.com/teacher_resources/99892

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