¿Hay algo peor que un lunes?

hay-algo-peor-que-un-lunes-600x855Just a quick post of something I did last week with my AS Spanish group. They have not got to grips with HAY in the different tenses, so we spent a bit of time on this. The PowerPoint is self-explanatory, I hope. The slides with pictures (1,3,4,5 + 6) are for the identification of the tense + translation. I printed out slide 2 for the students + they have to learn it all for a test this coming week.


One thought on “¿Hay algo peor que un lunes?

  1. Thanks Neil. As ever, a fun and useful resource. Unfortunately, I’ll be making good use of it with my A2 (!) group following some howlers in last week’s translation task. Gracias.

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