BBC Learning Zone – Spanish Shorts

bbc_learning_logo_22I have a lower ability Year 9 Spanish set and we are on the topic of freetime. The attached resources are for the introduction and practice of the main verbs needed to talk about what you like to do. The aim is to try and build up towards a level 5 (albeit a low level 5!) where the students make reference to what they would like to do next weekend. There is also some time spent on possessive adjectives.

Hopefully people are familiar with the “Contra el ratón” slides I made a while ago (from slide 46) . The students have mini whiteboards + have to write down the Spanish + show this to me before the mouse gets into the hole.

I have used a video from the BBC Learning Zone. However, as the level is a bit difficult in parts for my group, I have only used sections, as will be apparent from the worksheets. On slides 77 + 80 you just click on the pictures and a hyperlink takes you to the BBC Learning Zone website.

The sheet titled “Reading BRAVO” is not mine. Thanks to whoever originally made this. I have adapted it a bit for my group.


POWERPOINTEn mi tiempo libre FOUNDATION new WORKSHEETS: Reading ENTREVISTAS freetime INFINITIVES + FUTURE REFERENCE READING ocio y las nuevas tecnologías STARTER statistics Vídeo SPANISH SHORTS ENTREVISTAS worksheet SPANISH VERSION Vídeo SPANISH SHORTS JESUS LARA Y JASON worksheet Possessive adjectives Reading BRAVO

4 thoughts on “BBC Learning Zone – Spanish Shorts

  1. Hi! I don’t know if you regularly check the comments left on your work. First of all, I’m in love with this blog… Amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work.
    However, just wanted to let you know that language clips no longer have lovely Jesus, Lara and Jason telling us about their free time activities. I used this clip with my own set of resources for quite awhile, until today that I tried to access it and the mighty BBC have decided to completely remove any trace that it ever existed… It’s no even on Youtube…

  2. Hello, my name is Eli and I have just found your website which I’s very useful.

    I have an.interview for a Spanish teaching position in a secondary school but currently I’m teaching Spanish in Primary. They asked me to.prepare a 1hour lesson about free time for a year9group and I was wondering if there is any.possibility you could help me with that. Any ideas or suggestions I would really appreciate them. Many thanks!!

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