Michelito – el torero más joven de México

Picture1Attached are resources I am soon to use to teach the topic of daily routine to my Year 9 group. I am trying to build the language up gradually to a more complex level where they can use context, gist, the dictionary, etc. to develop a higher level of comprehension. This is all tested through a video comprehension. I have talked about the Sharnbrook school Spanish videos before although I am now having trouble locating them on YouTube. Until I find them I have uploaded the one I have used in these resources. The video comprehension is followed by a reading exercise based on the daily routine of the Mexican child bullfighter Michelito. I have made this up myself making certain assumptions.

POWERPOINTRutina diaria  WORKSHEETS: LA RUTINA DIARIA wordgames sheet Michelito READING Mr Bean ordering cards Reading ENTREVISTAS rutinas diferentes Rutina diaria graded ws (thanks to Steve Ward) Rutina diaria QUESTIONS Sharnbrook video

5 thoughts on “Michelito – el torero más joven de México

  1. Hi I just discovered your site! I was looking through the “routines” power point and the video on Michelito – el joven torero does not seem to be working. I am trying to find the video on YouTube, but I’m having trouble finding it.

  2. I love the ideas that you put together. Do you use in your class a specific workbook? if yes can you please send me the name ? also do you have any suggestions for a teacher pages or blogs?
    Thank you for sharing these activities.
    I hope to hear from you soon

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