♫♫♫ Soy feliz ♫♫♫

FELIZIn a few weeks the AS Spanish group will return following their exams. In one of the first lessons back I am going to work on the topic of well-being. The attached resources focus on a report in which the happiest countries in the world are revealed and I am also looking into what constitutes happiness. I move on to discuss whether happiness promotes productivity at work and then whether rumours and gossip in the workplace have the opposite effect. I have added in some exercises on the verb COSTAR as well as revision of key “gentilicios”. In slide 23 I draw attention to the use of the subjunctive, but this can be deleted if not appropriate. Predictably all of this starts with Pharrell Williams to get everyone in a happy, productive mood!

POWERPOINT: LA FELICIDAD   WORKSHEETS: El nuevo mapa de la felicidad AQA PAST PAPER QUESTION Los rumores envenenan el funcionamiento de las empresas READING la felicidad READING Los rumores envenenan el funcionamiento de las empresas READING reir no cuesta trabajo

PS. If you like fancy fonts you may want to check out this link – http://cooltext.com/Logo-Design-Keen. I used the font in this link for headings in the “La Felicidad” PowerPoint and on some of the worksheets.


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