La canción del verano

canción-del-verano-2014As the summer holiday draws to a close, I’m posting a resource about “la canción del verano“. I will be teaching this as a little diversion when covering the A level research essay. We will be studying the film ¡Ay, Carmela! by Carlos Saura and when looking at the song Mi Jaca we will take a bit of time to reflect on the popularity of this piece of music through time. We will listen to the Chaval de la Peca version and then look at “la canción del verano” in more general terms. I have attached the whole PowerPoint but you may prefer to cut out the Mi Jaca bits if you prefer.

POWERPOINT: La canción del verano     WORKSHEET: La canción del verano

2 thoughts on “La canción del verano

  1. I used this with my AS group and they loved it – really animated about holidays and then really happy to speak in Spanish after a 6 week break. They have all gone off to research Spanish tunes with some background on singers etc.


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