Una dieta sana

1313577155BodegondivertidoThe attached resources are aimed at getting students to give higher level responses to a question asking about their diet. I want them to use an authentic text in order to pick out which vitamins, etc. are in food and how these are beneficial to your health. The PowerPoint includes an advert from Panama which is very difficult but you can pick out certain key words for the students. It’s partly an excuse to remind my group that Spanish is a world language. Overall my idea was to challenge the group to produce responses which are varied and containing an interesting range of language. I used this last week and it seemed to work!

POWERPOINT:La salud DIETA SANA NEW    WORKSHEETS: Connectives REFERENCE SHEET DEBERES Debo no debo SCAN authentic text VITAMINS etc Una dieta saludable WORKSHEET Higher version Vida sana o vida malsana


8 thoughts on “Una dieta sana

  1. Love these resources, as always. I can’t see the “SCAN authentic text…”–it just shows up black. Is it possible for you to repost or to direct me to the original source? I’ve been unsuccessful in locating the content in web searches. Thanks!

  2. Dear Neil,

    I am a great fan of your fantastic website and use it often in my lessons. Thank you! I am writing this as a comment because I was not able to find a way to email you otherwise. I am currently trying to prepare a lesson on Technology/social networks for my KS5 Spanish class, trying to find innovative ideas. Could you recommend anything interesting?

    Many thanks in advance,


    1. Hi. I think I have posted things on technology previously. I’m currently working on some e-safety resources for lower school which relate to social media.

  3. As always your resources are superb. Eternally grateful to you as I used your subjunctive lesson with Beyonce to get my current job.

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