La monarquía

GOBIERNOA quick post of a few resources I’ve put together on politics and monarchy. It all relates to a past paper discursive essay title. I start off with politics in general + get the students to come up with their own political parties and policies. From this we look at Spain and the country’s political system.

Apologies for not posting much recently. It has been a busy few weeks!

POWERPOINT: MONARQUIA Y GOBIERNO  WORKSHEETS: a favor en contra de la monarquía TO BE CLASSIFIED a favor en contra de la monarquía

3 thoughts on “La monarquía

  1. Thank you very much Neil for your amazing resources! We use them regularly in our Spanish department, thanks for sharing!

  2. how cool is that, I’ve just been teaching, and thinking that sr jones has not posted for a little while, and then this turns up…gracias..i’ll be trialling it with my ib group later this week-thanks neil… really appreciated

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