El medio ambiente

original_171217_8p0NibTi0EthiJkAPzbEaeMzUThis is just a quick post of some resources I put together for a lower ability Year 11 group on the topic of the environment. I have posted some of these resources before, but I have updated quite a few things. Although the presentation is for a lower ability set, some of the resources below are differentiated for more able students.

POWERPOINT: L6 Los problemas del medio ambiente PRESENTATION OF VOCAB foundation version NEW WORKSHEETS: L6 CARD ACTIVITY IN PAIRS Creo que puedo reciclar mucho más FOUNDATION L6 El medio ambiente en España CRISSCROSS L6 problemas FOUNDATION L6 Qué opinas FOUNDATION L6 Qué opinas HIGHER L6 STARTER spiral L6 THINKING SKILLS ACTIVITY card activity L6 TRANSCRIPT to hay etc listening L6 VERBOS El medio ambiente en España CRISSCROSS L6 Who is more environmentally friendly FOUNDATION L6 Who is more environmentally friendly HIGHER

8 thoughts on “El medio ambiente

    1. Hi. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve taken a look at the TES resources + the only thing the person uses of mine is the “Contra el ratón” slides. I guess that once you share things they aren’t your own anymore. I do ask people to acknowledge the resources I’ve produced if they share them, but there’s little I can do if they don’t. Most often people simply share without realising as the origin of resources becomes lost over time. Overall, I’m just happy people use things I have made. Or perhaps I should move to the TES model and start charging money??? I’m not so keen on that myself, but good luck to those who want payback for their efforts.

  1. thanks as always!, really glad that you are posting more again… this will be so useful when we go back to school next week…

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