Descriptions (Physical)

PDI ChileAfter a bit of a break (focusing on school things like Ofsted!) I’m hopefully back to posting a bit more regularly.

I am posting resources that I am trying to develop to teach physical descriptions to an able Year 10 group. I am still working on the PowerPoint – I am attaching the current version which I will improve over the coming weeks. The main focus of this post is to share the two reading activities. One is based on descriptions of two people who have disappeared (taken from a Chilean website – and the second is based on an old TV series from Spain, Física o Química. One day I will have to update this to a programme that is more current. If anyone has any ideas, I’d be most grateful.

As this is all language that we have covered at KS3, it is a challenge to move through it all making sure that anyone who has forgotten it all can catch up whilst ensuring that those who feel confident with it all don’t get bored. Well, my attempts so far are attached.


4 thoughts on “Descriptions (Physical)

  1. hi
    I had a poke around but managed not to find your contact details, so I’m leaving a comment here instead 🙂

    I recently released an app that I think you’ll be interested in. It’s called Parallel Books. It displays books in more than one language and keeps the languages in sync as you read.

    I’ve been working with some teachers to include texts that are used in UK schools for German and French, and I’ll be adding some of the Spanish school texts soon too. (It already includes a number of Spanish texts that are not used in schools).

    I’d LOVE to hear what you think. You can contact me on

    my website:
    twitter @parallelbooks

    Here is a link to the app store:

    I look forward to hearing from you

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