Vacaciones en Bilbao

Logo%20Ayuntamiento%20de%20BilbaoThis post is really an update of some resources I posted a while ago. I have a lower ability Year 11 group and we are on the topic of holidays. In getting them to write about what they did on holiday I am encouraging them to give full details e.g. if they say they went to Oxford Street, they have to explain what this is as it may not be obvious to someone who is not from London. In my examples I have focused on Bilbao as it is a place I am very fond of + I think that it helps students to hear about different places.

I have included two PowerPoints as I thought it might be worth sharing the materials which help to build up to this point. I have had to delete quite a few things due to copyright, so the resources are slightly disjointed in places. It’s not amazing stuff, but it may be useful to someone.


POWERPOINTS: Las vacaciones ACTIVITIES FOUNDATION 1 Las vacaciones ACTIVITIES FOUNDATION 2 WORKSHEETS:  Barcelona READING CARD ACTIVITY CROSSWORD I did We did FILL THE GAPS SHEET from the PPT slide HOMEWORK translation Ordinal numbers in Spanish Past tense verbs Presente o pasado VERSION WITH SUPPORT Qué tal las vacaciones Reading ENTREVISTAS narration FOUNDATION READING Las vacaciones de los españoles TIME MARKERS crossword

5 thoughts on “Vacaciones en Bilbao

  1. Hola Neil,
    thank you so much for sharing your wonderful resources. Have you got a copy of the past tense verb crossword with the numbers on it, please.
    Thank you,

  2. I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant resources! I love how you so seamlessly manage to incorporate target culture into all of your lessons. I have found so much inspiration on your blog and, despite being tired and often frustrated in my NQT year, you have reminded me of the true creativity and excitement of language teaching. ¡Muchas gracias!

  3. Fantastic resources! I was so glad to see my email. We are just looking at holidays with year 8 and this is perfect for my more able set 1. Looking forward to your next posts.

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