Uniforme escolar

uniforme-cubaAttached are resources linked to the topic area of education and in particular the increased use of uniform in Spanish schools. As usual, you just follow the PowerPoint and the necessary resources are attached below. With the many changes to the A level specifications here in England, this topic is one that exists in the AQA board in year 2 but may not be covered by others.

With so much change in language teaching I have not been updating the blog. The focus has been very much on getting things ready at school for the new GCSE and year 1 of the new A level course. Also I have recently gone back to using an old email address and was embarrassed to see a number of messages from months ago which never got a response. SORRY! Things have been hectic. Hopefully I will now be able to post more resources in line with the new courses as they develop.

I should also add that the video activity comes from a French website I found – http://profe.garrido.perso.neuf.fr/biblioteca/videos/vueltagastos.htm and the text for the reading activities comes from an edition of 20 minutos from last week.

POWERPOINTuniforme-escolar   OTHER RESOURCESreading-vuelta-al-cole-con-mas-uniformes


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