Franco y el bikini

I h1-1-bnd-bikini-5-cartelave been updating my resources in order to teach the topic of monarchy and dictatorship as part of the A level Spanish course. In doing so I came across a great worksheet on titled Franco y el bikini. I was unaware of this story and the short film made a few years ago. I have added this into the attached PowerPoint with some background videos although you will have to go to the spectrumspanish website and buy the worksheet yourself. It’s worth it! Hopefully the other activities on the PowerPoint are self-explanatory although I’m going to work on improving the look of the presentation over the summer.

POWERPOINT: La dictadura de Franco BLOG

8 thoughts on “Franco y el bikini

  1. Hello! I am wondering if you could help me. I am currently teaching Spanish in the midlands and because that Spanish is not very possible, I am finding it difficult to liaise with someone to share resources or at least talk about the new spec for As/A Spanish. Are you in twitter? Could it be possible to message you?

    1. Hi. Sorry for not getting in touch. I am so busy at work esp. as there have been changes to my role and I have less time for all things MFL related.

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