GCSE speaking exam – PHOTO CARDS

A quick post to share a PowerPoint. Each slide shows a photo taken from a mixture of exam boards which has been used for the photo card description. I teach bottom sets at the moment for GCSE and I am using the WWWD technique where they describe who, where and what they see + add a description either of a person or the weather. They seem to have found this technique a bit easier to cope with than others I have tried. I have dropped each of the slides into the PowerPoint for their relevant topics so that we constantly practise the technique throughout the course. The PowerPoint below is a compilation of everything I have put together so far. My approach is to show the picture and then run through the WWWD technique with the group to see what they come up with. I have been drilling key high frequency terms such as “hay”, “tiene(n)” etc. which you can see in my examples. My groups do find this activity difficult so the language I have used is fairly simple.


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