VOLVER – el color rojo

I am teaching the film VOLVER as part of the A level Spanish course. There are some great resources and I have relied on the ZigZag booklet as well as the Hodder Education book esp. as I had never taught this before. Attached are some resources I put together on the use of the colour red in the film. A number of the slides are adapted from other resources shared on blogs, etc. Thanks to all those people who share + do not charge money! The PowerPoint starts with a recap from my previous lesson on the theme of death, etc. The videos are adapted from ones I found on YouTube. They required a bit of editing down to make them useable. Hope the resources are of some use.


6 thoughts on “VOLVER – el color rojo

  1. The post is great! Many thanks for the video also! I have never seen it before. I am a bit new in the blogs world. How can I see your previous post on “Volver”. Muchas gracias, eres una auténtica profesional.

  2. Hi Neil,

    Love your resources. I always check your website to see if there is something new to use in my lessons. I’m teaching Volver and your work looks fab. Can I ask which essay the worksheets refer to?

    Many thanks for sharing,


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