VOLVER – el color rojo

I am teaching the film VOLVER as part of the A level Spanish course. There are some great resources and I have relied on the ZigZag booklet as well as the Hodder Education book esp. as I had never taught this before. Attached are some resources I put together on the use of the colour red in the film. A number of the slides are adapted from other resources shared on blogs, etc. Thanks to all those people who share + do not charge money! The PowerPoint starts with a recap from my previous lesson on the theme of death, etc. The videos are adapted from ones I found on YouTube. They required a bit of editing down to make them useable. Hope the resources are of some use.


6 thoughts on “VOLVER – el color rojo

  1. Hello Neil, Any more Volver resources to share, this has been really useful as all of your great resources

  2. The post is great! Many thanks for the video also! I have never seen it before. I am a bit new in the blogs world. How can I see your previous post on “Volver”. Muchas gracias, eres una auténtica profesional.

  3. Hi Neil,

    Love your resources. I always check your website to see if there is something new to use in my lessons. I’m teaching Volver and your work looks fab. Can I ask which essay the worksheets refer to?

    Many thanks for sharing,


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