Las personas transgénero – términos

I have been trying to improve some of the A level resources. I feel that in the topic for the AQA Spanish A-level 3.3 Los derechos de los gays y las personas transgénero there is a lack of material on transgender, so hopefully the attached will help to address this.

I have looked at what are some standard areas of discussion:

  • Terminology and identity
  • An example of a successful transgender woman in the male dominated arena of sport
  • The bathroom debate and its impact on non-binary people
  • Use of the term “latinx”, especially in the US.

The first post is on terminology. In the PowerPoint I start off by showing a clip from a Pedro Almodóvar film in which Bibi Andersen or Bibiana Fernández, the trans actor, appears. This is because we are studying the film VOLVER and I am trying to drop in clips from other films by Almodóvar just to point out recurring techniques, etc. You can delete that bit if you prefer! Then, in a rather indirect way, we get to a video explaining different terminology. The slides on el español rioplatense are because the video voiceover is in this accent and I just wanted to highlight this.



3 thoughts on “Las personas transgénero – términos

  1. Me encantan tus materiales. Muchísimas gracias por todo tu trabajo y dedicación.

    Posiblemente voy a utilizar estos materiales de LGBTI con mi nuevo año 12 y te quería comentar algunos errores ortográficos… perdona por la intromisión!

    En la presentación de Power Point número 3. En la diapositiva núm. 14 homofobia no “homophobia”; núm. 18 hoy no “hay”; núm. 19 y 20 enviado o mandado?

    El documento de word “baño neutro – reading” acento en más; sección B núm. 2. compromete.

    Gracias Neil

    1. Thanks you so much!!!! I really appreciate this + I have updated everything and re-posted the resources. Thanks for taking the time.

  2. This is a fabulous resource, very complete and I am using it in my next lesson for a listening and reading lesson.

    Thank you very much


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