¿Qué es Latinx?

This final post on transgender is focused on the use of the term “latinx”. A definition of this could be a person of Latin American origin or descent which is used as a gender-neutral or non-binary alternative to Latino or Latina. The -x suffix replaces the -o/-a ending of nouns and adjectives. The term, however, is only being used in Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. The resource starts with a slide pointing out that the term in unknown to many Spanish-speakers and is followed by a video where young people who identify themselves as latinx explain why they use it. A reading comprehension comes at the end.

RESOURCES: PowerPoint – 4. Los derechos de las personas transgénero LATINX Worksheet – LATINX READING

2 thoughts on “¿Qué es Latinx?

  1. Hello! lots of your videos to go with your amazing resources seem to not be showing anymore – is there anywhere else we can find them? Thank you!

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