La exhumación de Franco

I am updating some of my resources for the Monarquías y Dictaduras section of the A level Spanish course. I have decided to add something in about the removal of the remains of Franco from the Valle de los Caídos nearly four and a half decades after his burial. So, attached is a simple resource – just a video followed by a reading comprehension. I like the video because of the subtitles which make it more accessible + it provides a clear picture of the events.

POWERPOINT: La exhumación de Franco  WORKSHEET: La exhumación de Franco READING

3 thoughts on “La exhumación de Franco

  1. Thank you for the fantastic resources Neil, have been using your A Level Spanish resources quite a lot and love them. I am a French teacher but now teach mostly Spanish – we need to change our KS3 course, what would you recommend? Viva, Claro or another? Many thanks.

    1. Hi. We follow our own Schemes of Learning in which grammar leads the work. We use VIVA for resources, but we don’t follow it, if that makes sense.

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