Transition to A level Spanish

With Year 11 students not taking their GCSE exams this summer amid the impact of Covid19, getting them ready for A level studies from September is problematic. Like may other schools we are putting together transition packs. Getting the balance between engaging them to do some work and taking it to the next level is clearly important. I don’t want to put them off! Attached is what I have put together so far. We are doing two booklets and this is the first. I have borrowed ideas from some other people who have posted their resources online, but this is mostly my own work. Students work through the three tasks independently.

TASK 1 – A Cambio de Nada (film analysis)

TASK 2 – Independent Research Project

TASK 3 – Comprehension + grammar (based on the Covid19 outbreak + guidance given in Spain)


5 thoughts on “Transition to A level Spanish

  1. Hi!
    This website is probably the best I have come across for languages. Muchas gracias.
    Have you produced an extra A Level transition booklet with latest news and content? Like Rose Lopez says, I am happy to pay for it!

  2. Dear Neil, this is simply amazing! Thank you so much. I’d be happy to pay for this to help you out with the space you need. You have saved me literally hours by sharing this. Thank you

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