Franco y el Festival de Eurovisión

Another update to my resources on the Spanish A level topic of Franco y su dictadura, but somewhat left of field. I was watching a BBC documentary in which they mentioned that there was some controversy when Spain participated in and won the Eurovision Song Contest 1968. It was alleged that the contest was rigged by “el Caudillo”, who sent state television officials across Europe offering cash and promising to buy television series and contract unknown artists in other participating countries in return for their votes. The UK came second by one vote that year. Whether or not this is true, it is an interesting stories and it lends itself pretty well to an A level summary task which is posted below.

WORKSHEET: Franco y el Festival de Eurovisión

One thought on “Franco y el Festival de Eurovisión

  1. Hola Neil,
    I have to say I’m in awe of your resources…! I’d really like to talk to you about a possible collaboration with you – this is a genuine request from a fellow teacher 🙂 I’d be really grateful if you could drop me an email? If I don’t get to speak to you – your students are lucky to have you!! Shân.

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