Onatti Films

I’m not normally one for promoting companies via my blog, but ….. A few months ago we had a theatre group come in to perform to our Year 10. It was great! We will have them in again. However, what is even greater (!) is their venture into making films for language learning. Years ago we used to have some great things produced by the BBC and Channel 4 for leaning Spanish (Aventura vascas, etc.), but they have all disappeared. Now the same company that does the theatre productions is making films which I think are great. Their website is www.onattifilms.com. We are about to take out a subscription + plan to embed some of the resources into our schemes of learning. 


One thought on “Onatti Films

  1. Hi Neil.
    Just seen your post about Onatti Films. I am the person who writes and produces Onatti theatre and films.
    Many thanks for your post and I am so pleased you are encouraged by our venture in to making MFL films. We are going to Berlin in August to make our 3rd short film so by September we will have a French, Spanish and German film available.
    For many years we have been touring new and exciting MFL plays into schools and now we want to give language teachers a modern exciting and fresh resource which their students will enjoy watching…and follow. We are really enjoying making them and they are solely to be used in the classroom.
    Many thanks again for your post!

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