GCSE Reading Comprehension

UPDATED APRIL 2023 – I have put two reading comprehension booklets together based on similar types of questions that have been appearing in the AQA GCSE exams. Skills are the key focus of the booklets, but it is good for students to experience different forms of questioning used in the exams. I have been working on a PowerPoint to accompany the Foundation version as I only have Foundation groups this year. This is saved in the same area below, but it is very much work in progress and will improve as I work through. Please note that all of the exercises in the booklets are taken from past papers and could include material you may could be using for assessments. You would need to remove those sections. Beware!

READING BOOKLETS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pOn6dFPXdQbpKQN5nANqcdc8cVRZUlng?usp=sharing

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