GCSE Higher Level Writing (AQA)

Attached is a booklet I have put together guiding students through the requirements for the GCSE Higher Writing paper. It has been updated to take into account the advance information on the Spanish exam i.e. no topic of free time for the 90 and 150 word tasks at Higher Level. There have also been some further additions – idioms and in the translation section. I have not updated all of the 90 word tasks i.e. I have not removed the topic of free time, as I have mixed tier groups and the Foundation students will still need to cover free time. (I am confused by this, but perhaps I am missing the point – if anyone can help, please let me know). In the booklet I start with the 150 word task with the reasoning that if they can do this, the 90 word task will be easy! Let’s see.

UPDATED VERSION POSTED 19.2.22 – This is version 3. I keep on adding to it! The PDF download will incorporate some of the fonts which may not appear on all computers. Use the Word version if you want to edit the booklet yourself.

QUIZLET LINK: https://quizlet.com/gb/661978767/key-phrases-for-higher-level-writing-aqa-gcse-spanish-flash-cards/

5 thoughts on “GCSE Higher Level Writing (AQA)

  1. This is amazing – thank you so much for sharing!! May I be cheeky and ask if you happen to have the help sheet with higher level phrases/structures in French at all, please? Thank you!

  2. Hi Neil, Thank you so much for this. Bit of a cheeky question. You don’t happen to have a Foundation one do you?? Pretty please?

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