Earthquakes and the Imperative

Clearly earthquakes are a common feature in many countries and we know of the devastating effects that these events can have. To draw attention to the fact that a number of French-speaking countries are on fault lines and are at risk of earthquakes, we can incorporate the use of earthquake drills in schools into our teaching when the covering the imperative. The idea is to build up to a type of “Jacques a dit” activity giving orders to students.

The resources are below + there is also an interesting video on the BBC Learning Zone about a school in Guadeloupe and an earthquake drill –

WORKSHEETS   READING   Telling people what to do in French   The imperative in French   What should you do in the case of an earthquake   Earthquake reenactment script

Twilight CLIL in South Cambridgeshire

For those of you who may have an interest in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Rachel Hawkes is running a series of twilight INSETs at Comberton Village College, South Cambridgeshire. Rachel is a constant source of inspiration – just look at her website and you can see the huge impact she is having on the development of language teaching methodology. I am quite honoured that she has invited me to speak at one of the sessions on the work in which I have been involved in the development of CLIL. If this is of any interest or you wish to attend you can get full details on the following link + the attached flyer.

FLYER for download    CLIL

Teaching the weather with a bit of Geography

This activity is something I made a few years ago when teaching French CLIL. I have translated and adapted into Spanish. The aim is to reinforce the teaching of the weather whilst presenting the seasons. Students have to read the texts on sheet A in order to colour in the blank map which you would have to print off from the PowerPoint. This can be developed further with sheet B although you would have to borrow some atlases from the geography department.

POWERPOINT   clima    SHEET A    SHEET A las zonas climáticas TEXT   SHEET B   SHEET B zonas climaticas