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Past, present, future and football.

This is not exactly brilliant and there are errors in the presentation, but sometimes when teaching certain groups I find I have to simplify things to a point where perhaps it is not strictly correct Spanish. You will see what I mean in the presentation in some of the usage of the preterite tense. The point of the lesson was to get a borderline grade C GCSE group to cope with that question that always appears in the reading paper where they have to decide whether the person is making reference to the past, present or the future. I have not taught the full verb paradigm to them as frankly they do not need it and also they would not cope. So, I present a very simplified version of how to make those tenses. Any purists out there please forgive me! I have added in reference to two Spanish footballers – Raúl González and Fernando Torres. On the slides referring to these two palyers the students have to anticipate which verbs make most sense (present/past/future). Those with football knowledge will have an advantage, but that doesn’t matter. Even without it you can make an intelligent guess. It all finishes off with a reading comprehension for which I have produced a Foundation and a Higher version.

POWERPOINT   el año próximo   WORKSHEET   Fernando Torres FOUNDATION VERSION    WORKSHEET    Fernando Torres HIGHER