¡Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermin!

programa_oficial_sanfermin_2013_7julio_gWell, it is San Fermín time again + attached are some resources for teaching about this festival. I have posted some of this before although I have updated the presentation and corrected some errors I noticed. Hopefully it is much improved! This fits into the topic of holidays + what you do on a trip. The outcome is to design a poster describing an imaginary visit to the festival.

PRESENTATION: PPT 1 PPT2 PPT 3 (files too large for this blog + for slideshare. I have had to split the PowerPoint into 3) WORKSHEETS: La fiesta de San Fermín CROSSWORD La fiesta de San Fermín READING explanation of different aspects of the festival La fiesta de San Fermín READING grid READING La fiesta de San Fermín goes with the writing frame San Fermín reading San Fermín VOCAB SHEET to support writing Writing frame LA FIESTA DE SAN FERMIN


Cultural understanding – the easy way!

In most topic areas we present language which can be used to make cultural comparisons. For example, a list of breakfast foods / drinks can be split into what is more popular in the UK + what is popular in Spain, etc. You may need to ensure that you do present some items more likely to appear in the target language culture! By then using a Venn diagram for students to categorise the language you introduce an element of cultural comparison. This can apply to so many different contexts – sports, hobbies, holiday destinations, etc. My PowerPoint slide with a Venn Diagram is attached below.

POWERPOINT     an easy approach to cultural understanding

Lead Practitioner Seminar 2010 – Raising attainment and cultural understanding in MFL – 9.00 – 3.00pm Friday 3rd December 2010

As part of my work as a Lead Practitioner for Languages I will be running a training seminar in London on the 3rd December. The theme of the seminar is raising attainment through classroom practice that focuses on achieving high levels of language with a cultural focus. Sessions will also cover key areas such as thinking skills, creativity and the use of technology. Sessions will provide practical ideas and examples of techniques used in the classroom to diversify the content of language teaching and to motivate students.

Delegates will experience how a focus on cultural understanding in all schemes of work can enhance teaching and learning at all stages developing a sense of purpose for using language, opportunities to experiment with words, patterns and structures and contact with the culture and native speakers. There will be input on how the use of technology can further enhance the teaching of MFL as well as on the KS3 Framework with practical ideas on how to implement this within your own lessons.

For full details you can download the flyer below as well as a map to the venue in Canary Wharf, London. Booking details are in the flyer and places are limited.

FLYER:  SSAT Lead Practitioner event DECEMBER 2010 MAP:   Barclays-Natural-Resource-Investments-London-office-map

The World Cup is almost here!

We are doing our world cup draw at school tomorrow with each tutor group adopting a participating country. The kids seem quite excited about it, which is encouraging me. If you are looking for resources you are bound to have come across the Sunderland website www.sunderlandschools.org/international/resources-worldcup2010.htm which has plenty that you can download for use in the classroom.

The World Cup 2010

I am now starting to plan some activities for language lessons as well as whole achool activities to celebrate this summer’s world cup. If there is anyone interested in sharing materials and ideas please let me know. As a starter I’m putting together some ideas with a colleague for a primary school workshop we are going to run. Kids for our school will teach the sessions after we’ve trained them up. The initial attempt at a PowerPoint is attached. The aim of this session will be to get the students to design a world cup logo for a future England world cup, if our bid is successful for the 2018 competition. The students will, of course, have to describe their logos in Spanish. This PowerPoint is a piece of work in progress and I will add more resources as they are produced.

POWERPOINT world cup 2010

Le Mondial d’ Afrique du Sud 2010 / El Mundial de Sudáfrica 2010

With the groups all decided now for the summer’s World Cup all those opportunities return for some international dimension work with Languages at the core. There are many resources already out there but just in case you are in need of something a bit different to help present countries the attached video in French from Youtube is useful.

And for Spanish the attached resource might be useful.

Los futbolistas Reyes + Guti