¡Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermin!

programa_oficial_sanfermin_2013_7julio_gWell, it is San Fermín time again + attached are some resources for teaching about this festival. I have posted some of this before although I have updated the presentation and corrected some errors I noticed. Hopefully it is much improved! This fits into the topic of holidays + what you do on a trip. The outcome is to design a poster describing an imaginary visit to the festival.

PRESENTATION: PPT 1 PPT2 PPT 3 (files too large for this blog + for slideshare. I have had to split the PowerPoint into 3) WORKSHEETS: La fiesta de San Fermín CROSSWORD La fiesta de San Fermín READING explanation of different aspects of the festival La fiesta de San Fermín READING grid READING La fiesta de San Fermín goes with the writing frame San Fermín reading San Fermín VOCAB SHEET to support writing Writing frame LA FIESTA DE SAN FERMIN


Cultural understanding – the easy way!

In most topic areas we present language which can be used to make cultural comparisons. For example, a list of breakfast foods / drinks can be split into what is more popular in the UK + what is popular in Spain, etc. You may need to ensure that you do present some items more likely to appear in the target language culture! By then using a Venn diagram for students to categorise the language you introduce an element of cultural comparison. This can apply to so many different contexts – sports, hobbies, holiday destinations, etc. My PowerPoint slide with a Venn Diagram is attached below.

POWERPOINT     an easy approach to cultural understanding