Vacaciones en Bilbao

Logo%20Ayuntamiento%20de%20BilbaoThis post is really an update of some resources I posted a while ago. I have a lower ability Year 11 group and we are on the topic of holidays. In getting them to write about what they did on holiday I am encouraging them to give full details e.g. if they say they went to Oxford Street, they have to explain what this is as it may not be obvious to someone who is not from London. In my examples I have focused on Bilbao as it is a place I am very fond of + I think that it helps students to hear about different places.

I have included two PowerPoints as I thought it might be worth sharing the materials which help to build up to this point. I have had to delete quite a few things due to copyright, so the resources are slightly disjointed in places. It’s not amazing stuff, but it may be useful to someone.


POWERPOINTS: Las vacaciones ACTIVITIES FOUNDATION 1 Las vacaciones ACTIVITIES FOUNDATION 2 WORKSHEETS:  Barcelona READING CARD ACTIVITY CROSSWORD I did We did FILL THE GAPS SHEET from the PPT slide HOMEWORK translation Ordinal numbers in Spanish Past tense verbs Presente o pasado VERSION WITH SUPPORT Qué tal las vacaciones Reading ENTREVISTAS narration FOUNDATION READING Las vacaciones de los españoles TIME MARKERS crossword

Descriptions (Physical)

PDI ChileAfter a bit of a break (focusing on school things like Ofsted!) I’m hopefully back to posting a bit more regularly.

I am posting resources that I am trying to develop to teach physical descriptions to an able Year 10 group. I am still working on the PowerPoint – I am attaching the current version which I will improve over the coming weeks. The main focus of this post is to share the two reading activities. One is based on descriptions of two people who have disappeared (taken from a Chilean website – and the second is based on an old TV series from Spain, Física o Química. One day I will have to update this to a programme that is more current. If anyone has any ideas, I’d be most grateful.

As this is all language that we have covered at KS3, it is a challenge to move through it all making sure that anyone who has forgotten it all can catch up whilst ensuring that those who feel confident with it all don’t get bored. Well, my attempts so far are attached.


La pareja ideal

RelationshipsI mentioned in a previous post that we have been doing a lot at school to ensure that our schemes of work address the requirements of teaching about Life in Modern Britain. The attached resources focus on the language needed to describe friends but also an ideal partner. In working towards this students are presented with two gay characters from the old Antena 3 series Física o Química. We then go on to describe an ideal partner. The worksheet is put together using the gender neutral term “pareja” albeit grammatically it is feminine.

POWERPOINT: Year 10 RELATIONSHIPS   WORKSHEETS: La pareja ideal READING higher Mi mejor amigo READING

La tecnología – opiniones

3_riesgos_chico_ordenadorThe attached resources aim to develop students’ ability to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of technology. I will be using this with a Year 10 GCSE group shortly. Some of the material in this post is developed from resources I found online. Slide 5 has a reading task which I have adapted heavily from a worksheet that was posted on the TES resources website – I think! THANKS to whoever it was that produced the resource. This also applies to slides 8-28 which I have taken from a PowerPoint posted online. Again I have adapted the language.

For those of us in England parts of this resource support the promotion of British values (Life in Modern Britain) which has become something of a focus for Ofsted. The PowerPoint draws attention to the minimum age to be on Facebook (13 in the UK) as well as other aspects of e-safety.

POWERPOINTTecnología OPINIONES   RESOURCESCRUCIGRAMA positivo o negativo + READING READING beneficios riesgos de la tecnología READING tecnología DE ACUERDO O NO DE ACUERDO Thinking Skills CARD ACTIVITY higher version

Una dieta sana

1313577155BodegondivertidoThe attached resources are aimed at getting students to give higher level responses to a question asking about their diet. I want them to use an authentic text in order to pick out which vitamins, etc. are in food and how these are beneficial to your health. The PowerPoint includes an advert from Panama which is very difficult but you can pick out certain key words for the students. It’s partly an excuse to remind my group that Spanish is a world language. Overall my idea was to challenge the group to produce responses which are varied and containing an interesting range of language. I used this last week and it seemed to work!

POWERPOINT:La salud DIETA SANA NEW    WORKSHEETS: Connectives REFERENCE SHEET DEBERES Debo no debo SCAN authentic text VITAMINS etc Una dieta saludable WORKSHEET Higher version Vida sana o vida malsana


Mi barrio

PamplonaThe attached resources are ones I have made to finish off the topic of “Mi barrio”. We are to focus now on how we could improve our part of London. Before doing this we look at how to say what is good and bad about where we live and I use Pamplona, Navarre, in order to talk a bit about this city and also to bore my group with the fact that I used to live there. Hopefully the resources are self-explanatory + hopefully of use to some other people.

Please let me know if you use any of these resources. It’s always nice to know!

POWERPOINT: Cómo mejorar mi barrio   WORKSHEETS: Mi barrio EXTENSION READING what is needed Reading ENTREVISTA plenary style Un barrio con problemas READINGmegusta_color

Se acerca la Navidad

Pinguinos 1I know that I have posted this before but with Christmas fast approaching I have dug out this resource to update it a bit. It is the Christmas video of the Madagascar Penguins with linked resources. The PowerPoint is used to summarise the story after the students have seen the film. Even though some of the words are tricky for younger students they can hopefully work out the overall meaning given the context. This is followed by a gap fill exercise to test comprehension of some key words.

You can find the film on YouTube (see below), although there are no subtitles and the quality is not great or you can buy the DVD from – a much better option!

Pinguinos de Navidad

POWERPOINTLos Pingüinos de Madagascar NAVIDAD WORKSHEET: los pinguinos WITH GAPS los pinguinos

¡Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermin!

programa_oficial_sanfermin_2013_7julio_gWell, it is San Fermín time again + attached are some resources for teaching about this festival. I have posted some of this before although I have updated the presentation and corrected some errors I noticed. Hopefully it is much improved! This fits into the topic of holidays + what you do on a trip. The outcome is to design a poster describing an imaginary visit to the festival.

PRESENTATION: PPT 1 PPT2 PPT 3 (files too large for this blog + for slideshare. I have had to split the PowerPoint into 3) WORKSHEETS: La fiesta de San Fermín CROSSWORD La fiesta de San Fermín READING explanation of different aspects of the festival La fiesta de San Fermín READING grid READING La fiesta de San Fermín goes with the writing frame San Fermín reading San Fermín VOCAB SHEET to support writing Writing frame LA FIESTA DE SAN FERMIN


El Norte y El Sur: Dos mundos de España

LOS ANTIGUOS REPORTES DEL CLIMA EN TVIn the resources attached my overall aim to to get students to predict what may be in a text and to then confirm or deny their guesses. Basically I find that they often make random guesses based on one word they see in a text and do not push themselves to understand at a deeper level. So, I in the PowerPoint revise the weather (we covered this earlier in the year) and then move towards making logical predictions about texts and then reading / listening for greater detail to confirm what they are thinking. I’ve covered a few areas from the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (just to point out that a festival held in the summer when you would expect hot, sunny weather in Spain does not always get it) to Mexico where issues like hurricanes are a reality. It all finishes with a listening exercise where they initially guess whether the phrase would apply to the north or the south of Spain and then listen to confirm their ideas + to identify the detail. Some can be predicted but others cannot.

POWERPOINT:   (too big a file to put on this blog, sorry! + updated 18/3/13) LISTENING En el norte en el sur  El tiempo en español CATEGORIES

La influencia árabe sobre la lengua española

IMG_4147The title of the post may well be misleading as the main thrust of the resources here is to teach about festivals. As most of the students I teach are muslim, I have included references to the influence of the Moors on Spain and the development of its language. In building up the language needed to talk about a festival celebtrated at home e.g. Eid I have also pointed out other festivals such as the Day of the Dead, Nochevieja and others. In an earlier post I have developed Spanish festivals at a higher level. As regards the title of the post, in building up to presenting the language needed to talk about Eid and other  festivals I have pointed out some of the words in Spanish that come from Arabic.

VIDEOS: As usual you may need to download the videos from below or embed them within the PowerPoint. I have added subtitles to most of the Day of the Dead video to aid comprehension + the call to prayer video which I recorded on my phone in Córdoba is just for cultural background as is the Nochevieja countdown with the disappearing grapes!

POWERPOINT: una fiesta en casa WORKSHEETLas Fiestas wordsearch Las fiestas  Cuál es la fiesta más popular en España