Please add comments. It can be difficult to know whether this blog thing is of any use. I can see that I get visitors but you can never be sure if they have arrived by accident and leave again! If any of the resources have been useful PLEASE let me know. I am particularly interested in knowing what all the visitors from other countries make of this blog esp. as I am focused on the education system in England. Let me know!


27 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Hola Neil,
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for everything you do and share. I am amazed by your resources as they are so inspirational. Just wonder if you are leading any CPD in London soon? – I would love to attend.
    ¡Muchas gracias!

  2. I find this website an absolute godsend. So many engaging activities which really grab the pupils’ attention and they are so entertaining. I tried Pa Negre the other day with Year 10 and 11 and I couldn’t believe how much they took to the Prediccion activity. They were actually quiet for the first time in ages! Thanks again, please keep posting you are saving my life!

  3. Hi Neil,

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for posting your resources. I’m an NQT and have found your website invaluable for lesson ideas and creativity. I love the way you so effectively incorporate cultural awareness into different topics, it’s very inspirational!

  4. Hi Neil

    We really loved your session at the ALL London event. It was fabulous. Do you have your presentation anywhere that we can download please?
    Thank you
    Jenny and colleagues from Hayes School

  5. Hola Neil!
    He de decir que estoy emocionadisima con la cantidad de recursos y materiales tan originales que me he encontrado en tu blog! Eres una inspiracion para todo Linguista y me incluyo la primera!! Ojala pudiese haber encontrado tu blog antes…! Seria un placer conocerte y ser oyente en alguna de tus conferencias…Me avisas vale??

  6. I have been enjoying your lessons with my students.
    Thank you so much. Have you done anything that will help me with Presente del Subjuntivo?? Thank you so much for all you do:)

  7. Hello Neil,
    I was in London on Friday for your presentation for the Trust. I had to leave early (I was the short shaved hair one, don’t know if you remember), and didn’t have a chance to speak with you. Just wanted to thank you so much for what you showed us, it is so inspirational! Absolutely amazing! My head was buzzing with ideas on the train home, had to write a big list out!…Is there a way to get your help in my school, or am I too late and you are moving for good to Ibiza? Thanks again, what you do is brilliant!

  8. The work you do, you enjoy, that is apparent. Thank you so much for sharing. I especially love the poems, cartoons, etc. that you interject into your lessons. I teach Spanish to adults and I know that they really appreciate little tidbits to break up the stressful amount of information they are meant to absorb.
    Thank you again!

  9. Hi Neil!
    I love your resources! I just wonder if you still have a ppt about holidays” San Fremin” I saw you in a conference in Straford and I loved it. Gracias 1000

  10. Thank you so much, your work is excellent and the fact that you share in this way is amazing, hope i can return the favour. Be able to use your materials in class makes it easier but most of all the students love it.

  11. Hi, Neil

    I’m looking for a brilliant resource that you posted a few years ago on earthquakes – it was to teach the imperative in a fun way. Is it still available to us, please?
    The blog continues to be a true inspiration – many thanks

  12. Hi, Neil

    Your work continues to be inspirational, and I want to thank you for your generosity in sharing with the rest of us mortals. I couldn’t make the seminar last week, and was wondering/hoping – will you be putting on another one before the end of the acdemic year? Thanks

  13. I used part of your colours PowerPoint (the cultural comparisons) with my college-age GCSE this week and they really liked it. One asked where did I get them from?! I teach GCSE in one year, so it is really difficult to fit in any extras, but this was nice, quick and interesting!

  14. Hi Neil, thank you so much, I have an obsservation this week and your Barcelona Powerpoint etc is just what I needed, have a horrid tummy bug and it has saved me reinventing the wheel. I was unable to get the video link in the presentation, so have downloaded seperately from You Tube.

  15. Wnated to say a huge thank you – I always follow your stuff with great interest and love the cultural stuff you put into your resources. I had an observed lesson for Performance Management today and adapted two of your resources. I used the cultural element for colours and also used Contra el ratón which I used loads. Got outstanding – so a huge thank you and thanks for sharing all your hard work with us. I haven’t been teaching long – having trained quite late on in life – I find your resources really inspirational.

    1. Great to hear from you! You knew about Shakira well before anyone else over here. I’m off to see her in concert at the O2 in December. All in the course of duty as a Spanish teacher, of course!

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