Frases de madres

Ni-mama-ni-mamoJust a quick post to share the work of El Marquees, a YouTuber who has made some great videos. While most posts are going to be way beyond the level of understanding of my students (and me in some cases) there are some gems. I have used his post on “frases de madres” in the attached resources.

POWERPOINTLas madres españolas  WORKSHEET: Las frases de las madres READING

The full video can be seen below.


Vacaciones en Bilbao

Logo%20Ayuntamiento%20de%20BilbaoThis post is really an update of some resources I posted a while ago. I have a lower ability Year 11 group and we are on the topic of holidays. In getting them to write about what they did on holiday I am encouraging them to give full details e.g. if they say they went to Oxford Street, they have to explain what this is as it may not be obvious to someone who is not from London. In my examples I have focused on Bilbao as it is a place I am very fond of + I think that it helps students to hear about different places.

I have included two PowerPoints as I thought it might be worth sharing the materials which help to build up to this point. I have had to delete quite a few things due to copyright, so the resources are slightly disjointed in places. It’s not amazing stuff, but it may be useful to someone.


POWERPOINTS: Las vacaciones ACTIVITIES FOUNDATION 1 Las vacaciones ACTIVITIES FOUNDATION 2 WORKSHEETS:  Barcelona READING CARD ACTIVITY CROSSWORD I did We did FILL THE GAPS SHEET from the PPT slide HOMEWORK translation Ordinal numbers in Spanish Past tense verbs Presente o pasado VERSION WITH SUPPORT Qué tal las vacaciones Reading ENTREVISTAS narration FOUNDATION READING Las vacaciones de los españoles TIME MARKERS crossword

Descriptions (Physical)

PDI ChileAfter a bit of a break (focusing on school things like Ofsted!) I’m hopefully back to posting a bit more regularly.

I am posting resources that I am trying to develop to teach physical descriptions to an able Year 10 group. I am still working on the PowerPoint – I am attaching the current version which I will improve over the coming weeks. The main focus of this post is to share the two reading activities. One is based on descriptions of two people who have disappeared (taken from a Chilean website – and the second is based on an old TV series from Spain, Física o Química. One day I will have to update this to a programme that is more current. If anyone has any ideas, I’d be most grateful.

As this is all language that we have covered at KS3, it is a challenge to move through it all making sure that anyone who has forgotten it all can catch up whilst ensuring that those who feel confident with it all don’t get bored. Well, my attempts so far are attached.


Los tatuajes solares

batman-solarAs the term draws to an end, here is a resource for AS students on sunburn art. This could be part of fashion as a topic, but I’m doing it within health.

Hope it is of use to someone.

POWERPOINTTatuajes solares WORKSHEET: Los dermatólogos advierten del riesgo del sunburn art

Los jóvenes españoles

paro-juvenilAgain a resource for A level Spanish which I have developed in order to revise the topic of youth issues. The focus is mostly on debate in class and translation (as required in the exam).


El “bookcrossing”

cartell%20bookcrossingAs I mentioned in the previous post I am going over past paper discursive essays with the A2 Spanish group as part of our revision and preparation for the forthcoming exam. In this post I have attached resources related to the following essay – “La tecnología de hoy amenaza con destrozar la cultura tradicional. ¿Qué piensas? Razona tus opiniones.”  I have focused on reading and have incorporated resources on e-books (posted previously) as well as some things I have put together on bookcrossing. The aim is to discuss what impact technology is having on reading. The essay is completed for homework.


Hoy toca el Prado + La Noche de los Museos


At the moment with the U6 group I am revising in preparation for the exams which will soon be upon us. I am taking past paper discursive essays (we follow the EdExcel board) as a prompt for some of the work. As part of a discussion about the value of the Arts in society we have done some work on La Noche de los Museos and an exhibition at the Museo del Prado called “Hoy toca el Prado“. The resources include a lot of translation into Spanish as this is required in the exam. Towards the end of the PowerPoint there is a reading comprehension based on an interview with Miguel Zugaza, the current director of the Prado. While reading comprehension is not part of the exam, the aim is to provide some ideas in order to tackle the homework task which is to respond to the essay title, “En este clima económico el gobierno no debería gastar tanto dinero en las artes. ¿Qué opinas? Razona tus opiniones”.

POWERPOINTNOCHE DE LOS MUSEOS  WORKSHEETS: Entrevista con Miguel Zugaza READING PROSE TRANSLATION el Prado PROSE TRANSLATION Noche de los Museos READING – la noche de los museos VIDEO Preguntas contextuales – Noche de los museos